Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Dial a Dietitian NL?

A: Dial a Dietitian is a FREE service with Newfoundland and Labrador 811 Healthline, connecting you directly to a local dietitian. Our contact centre provides confidential, easy access to trusted nutrition advice. We can help you make healthier food choices and answer your food and nutrition questions.

Q: What is Dial a Dietitian's toll-free number and email?

A: Dial 8-1-1 or email via to speak to one of our registered dietitians.

Q: What are the hours of service?

A: A registered dietitian is available from 9-12 and 1-4, Monday to Friday. If you call outside office hours we will be sure to return your call within 3 business days or less. You can send us an email any time of the day/week. Emails will be answered within 3 business days or less.

Q: Who can call/e-mail?

A: This service is available to everyone in Newfoundland and Labrador. Residents can call or e-mail on behalf of themselves, a family member or a friend. Health care providers can call or e-mail on behalf of a client, themselves or for general information purposes.

Q: What languages are available?

A: The service is available in English and a translator service is available for French speaking callers.

Q: When I use this service, who will I be speaking to?

A: When you call or e-mail, you will speak with one of our local dietitians.

Q: What is a dietitian?

A: Dietitians are the nutrition experts. They are passionate about food and its potential to enhance lives and improve health. Dietitians respect traditional food knowledge, values and health practices. Dietitians are the only regulated food and nutrition professionals and undergo comprehensive and rigorous training, both on the job and at universities.

Q: Do I need to be referred to use this service?

A: No, you do not need a referral from doctor or any health care provider to use this service. The Dial a Dietitian service provides general nutrition information and cannot provide individual in-depth counselling or medical advice. We can connect you with local services if you need more personalized assistance.

Q: Does using this service replace a visit to my doctor, dietitian or other health care provider?

A: No, this service is meant to answer basic nutrition questions. By calling this number or by e-mailing, you can receive general nutrition advice and information about dietitian services in your area. We can help navigate you to the most appropriate health care provider.

Q: What are common questions that people ask a dietitian?

A: Dietitians will provide information and answer questions on food, nutrition, healthy eating, and chronic disease prevention.

Here are some examples of commonly asked questions:

  • How do I lower my risk of heart disease?
  • I just found out I have diabetes. Where can I go to for help?
  • What should I feed my baby?
  • What are whole grains?
  • I don’t drink milk. What can I eat to make sure I get enough calcium?
  • Should I do a juice cleanse?
  • My toddler is a picky eater. How can I get her to eat more vegetables?

Q: What happens during a typical phone call?

A: Here are some of the things that might happen when you speak with a dietitian:

  • Answer your questions using an evidence-based database. The information will be explained in an easy to understand way.
  • Ask demographic questions such as your age, gender and which community you live in to help them better understand your needs.
  • Set goals/small steps with you that fit your needs and lifestyle.
  • Connect you with local services if you agree.
  • Send you follow-up resources in the mail or by e-mail.
  • Treat you with respect and understanding while respecting your privacy and confidentiality.

Q: How often can I call?

A: Call as often as you wish. There are no limits to how many times you can call or e-mail this service.

Q: Is there a charge to use this service?

A: No.